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December 10, 2019 at 6:30 PM

WOCF Presents: Maintaining A Career As An Actress In Hollywood with Special Guest

Milauna Jackson 

As much as we hear, “Times Are A Changing” and the “Me Too” movement is taking over Hollywood, we as filmmakers know the wheels are very slow to turn. While more roles are becoming available for women of color that are less stereotypical to their ethic cliché, there are a handful of actress who have had skin in the game for some time now that get first debs for those roles. Then how do the up and comers support themselves and book consistent work? Is waiting tables the only answer?  I invited my friend, the beautiful and talented Milauna Jackson to come talk to us about how she has been able to maintain her career over the past 19 years as an actress navigating the wilds of Hollywood.


Chicago native, Milauna can currently be seen on the John Wells’ hit series Animal Kingdom on TNT. She has starred opposite Grey Damon for two seasons as his wife Kristin Shafe, on the Critics’ Choice-awarded NBC series, Aquarius. But it was her season three rivalry with Oscar winner Viola Davis, on the ABC hit series, How To Get Away With Murder that changed the trajectory of her career. Portraying ADA Renee Atwood as the nemesis to Annalise Keating, has been her one of her most favorite characters to date. Prior to HTGAWM, Milauna was a series regular on the fan favorite Cinemax drama, Strike Back, which exposed her to an international audience. Playing DEA member Kim Martinez for two seasons, she was seen as a refreshing addition to the cast, which required her to partake in extensive combat training, stunt work and overall badassery. A badass skillset she showcased effortlessly on both Chicago PD and FBI. Milauna’s film credits include gritty indies Adopt a Highway starring Ethan Hawk, and the award winning film, American Skin, starring opposite Nate Parker.


Maintaining a work/life balance is the most crucial part of her life now. Supporting and volunteering for charities such as Habitat for Humanity and Common Ground Foundation, as well as focusing on family are major priorities.  Be sure to look out for Milauna, January 2020, in a special episode of ABC’s The Good Doctor.


Since a lot of us are both actors and filmmakers I think everyone will be encouraged to hear how Milauna continues to work hard and challenge herself as an actress.

Alex Gardener


Landi Maduro