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Bluechild Academy

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Our goal is to aid independent filmmakers and photographers in learning the skills they need to build their cinematic careers. We are proud to team with the Women of Color Filmmakers to present knowledgable speakers on all aspects of filmmaking.

April 7, 2020 at 9:00 AM

WOCF Presents: # CLUBFIT

WOCF Member Aurianna Angelique will lead us in a virtual workout to help us stay fit during the quarantine. Coach Auri is a NASM certified personal trainer, obstacle course racer and fitness Bad Ass!!! She is an avid SPARTAN racer who wants to help us keep fit and active so we look and feel beautiful when we return to our usual hustle and bustle.

If you have been spending the last few weeks sitting in front of your computer or on the coach eating up all your stock pile of goodies, then you definitely need to join us for this virtual workout.

April 9, 2020 at 6:00 PM

The Script Writer's Circle

Have you been working away on your screenplay masterpiece during the quarantine? Do you need some feedback to make sure your story is flowing? This is the perfect opportunity to get feedback from like-minded script writers. We will read 5-20 pages from a feature length script or an entire short fewer then 25 pages. If you would like your script read email it to me at landi@bluechildentertainment.com by 04/07/20. If you don’t have a script to read feel free to join us and support your fellow members.

April 14, 2020 at 6:00 PM

Idea Generation: Harness What Excites You & Unleash Your Voice

Have you been wanting to write, produce or create content but feel stuck? Maybe you have struggled with flushing out an idea for your film or centering your thoughts enough to pen them to paper.

There are infinite ways to generate ideas but no sure-fire way to generate a good one. WOCF Member Christina Wren has taken exercises from her background in generating original content and will lead us in an evening of writing prompts and sharing meant to give you a glimpse into what is swirling around in your head, decipher what interests you most, and ultimately seed the idea for your next project.

Christina is an actor, writer and producer most known as Air Force officer, Carrie Farris, who states the obvious in Man of Steel, claiming that Superman is "kinda hot." She was voted one of Fandango's Top Rising Female Movie Stars after appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and soon after was given the best role of her life as mama of two little boys. She has written and produced commercials and branded content for clients including HGTV, Travel Channel and Discovery Digital and television for PBSKids on the Emmy Award winning show, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. She wrote and starred in the indie feature film, Saudade?, the web series Half Sisters and America (A Love Song), produced and starred in the feature film, Rehabilitation of the Hill featuring actor Harry Lennix, and recently completed her latest comedy series, Hicksters, which was a Sundance Lab finalist, about a mixed couple from New York City starting life anew on a farm...hoping to become internet famous and not die in the process. Christina is a graduate of New York University and runs a boutique production company, Two Kids with a Camera. As a first generation, half Middle-Eastern, half Middle-American kid raised on the Northside of Pittsburgh, she is passionate about telling the often misrepresented or untold stories of the melting pot communities that she's come up in. The Little Engine That Could is her spirit animal.

You can learn more about Christina’s Production Company by going to www.TwoKidsWithaCamera.com

April 20th-April 22nd at 9:00 AM & 6:00PM

Virtual Indie Director's Workshop

WOCF Leader, Landi Maduro is offering a Virtual Intensive Director's workshop designed for the indie filmmaker who wants to make their films look polished and professional. In this 3-day virtual intensive you will learn:

  • Camera Blocking (How camera movement helps tell your story)

  • Camera Perspective (The importance of what is in frame and out of frame)

  • Camera Angles ( How the help tell your story and intensify your actor's performance

  • Lighting (How lighting can reveal things about your character)

  • Film Tone (Light, exposure and how to plan your tonal range)

  • Script breakdown/Analysis

Whether you are shooting your film on your iPhone, DSLR or a Arri Mini, you need basic skills to ensure you are visually telling an appealing story that will elevate you as a filmmaker. In this course she will virtually walk you through how to create these elements in your work and help you prepare to direct your film when the quarantine is over. 


Landi has worked as a freelance videographer and photographer for over 10 years. She has written and directed independent films, web-series and small business commercials. She has also managed numerous industrial videos from innovative initial concept, through development and final production. She has spearheaded classes, workshops and keynote speakers for her organization Women of Color Filmmakers, where she works diligently to provide educational resource for female filmmakers. Landi is offering this workshop during the quarantine at an extremely discounted rate to keep other filmmakers encouraged during this difficult time in the world.  

Price: $100

WOCF Members discount price: $50


Day Class: 9am to 11am PST

Evening Class 6-8PM PST

You are highly encourage to take advantage of this offer. They price will go up when the course returns after in the fall.