Bluechild Academy

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Our goal is to aid independent filmmakers and photographers in learning the skills they need to build their cinematic careers. We are proud to team with the Women of Color Filmmakers to present knowledgable speakers on all aspects of filmmaking.

Virtual Director's Workshop


Oct. 17 - Nov. 7th


The  Virtual Director's workshop, taught by Landi Maduro is designed for new directors and indie filmmakers who want to make their films look cinematic on a minimal budget.


Class will be held Saturdays

OCT. 17 - NOV. 7th 10AM-1PM PST.


The price of the class is $300. All WOCF members get a $50 discount. 

1. Camera Blocking (How camera movement helps tell your story)
2. Camera Perspective (The importance of what is in frame and out of frame)
3. Camera Angles ( How the help tell your story and intensify your actor's performance
4. Lighting (How lighting can reveal things about your character)

5. Audio (Capturing clean audio)
6. Film Tone (Light, exposure and how to plan your tonal range)

7. Script breakdown/Analysis

8. Post Production(Working with an editor/ Reports & Logs)

9. COVID Compliance on Set

Whether you are shooting your film on your iPhone, DSLR or a Arri Mini, you need basic skills to ensure you are visually telling an appealing story that will elevate you as a filmmaker. In this course we will virtually walk you through how to create these elements in your work and help you prepare to direct your film. 

Landi has worked as a freelance videographer and photographer for over 10 years. She has written and directed independent films, web-series and small business commercials. and online learning courses. She has also managed numerous industrial videos from innovative initial concepts, through development and final production. She has spearheaded classes, workshops and keynote speakers for her organization Women of Color Filmmakers, where she works diligently to provide educational resources for female filmmakers.

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