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Private Coaching/Consulting


Have you been wanting to direct your first film but you feel overwhelmed on how to get started?


Are you are an actor and you know you need new headshots but you don't want to waste money on the wrong photographer?


Landi can help you take the guess work out next steps when pursuing your career in film. 

Phone App

Phone Chat

15 Mins

Film: If you are directing a film and need help with some of your visual storytelling ideas let's have a quick chat.


Actors: I happy to answer quick questions about your headshots.

Price: Free

Vlogger Equipment

 Virtual Consultation

30 Mins

Feedback on your film concept, advice on directing and pre-productions.


Actors: Feedback on headshots and general headshot preparation.

Price: $50


Virtual Detailed Consultation 60 mins

Filmmakers: Advice with your production for your film, including but not limited to shot ideas, shot list, story boarding and hiring crew.


Actors: Feedback on current headshots, advice on headshot preparation, finding your type and any other questions you may have.

Price: $95

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