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Bluechild Entertainment is an all-encompassing entertainment entity.  Be it film, television, music or photography production, our products and programming are always high quality and marketable.

Since we are a boutique production company, we are able to be hands-on in facilitating programming that is unique and original.

We can handle your production for independent commercials, music videos, films, web series, and television.  We can even help you develop and shoot footage for your acting reel.  Every member of our team works professionally in the film and television industry.  We will help you polish your script, put together your crew, edit and score your video providing you with a polished, professional project.

If you are a singer, poet or just want beautiful family photos, our photography department can provide you with photographs to meet all your needs.  If you are an actor who needs headshots, we can coach you through your headshot session to get the exact look you need to book your next job.  Do you want to take sexy photos for your significant other? We can assist you with that too.

Sky is the limit when it comes to giving you quality service at a reasonable price.

Meet Our Team








My intrigue for photography began, like most, when I was a kid.  My father was a photographer as a supplement to his career as an art teacher.  I would stare at the candid photos he took of my mother and hung in our garage, which was his make-shift studio.  I loved how he froze a moment with the camera that the naked eye might have missed.  My affinity for photography grew when I started modeling.  To see a model transformed from a regular person to a piece of art amazed me.  I no longer wanted to be the art; I wanted to create it.  Although I like shooting still life my favorite thing to shoot is people.  I love to capture a feeling or a moment in a person's eyes and display it for others to define.  If you look at a photo I took or a film that I directed and it makes you feel sad or makes you smile then I have done my job well.

Assistant To Ms. Maduro



Katia's passion for film producing was realized in a course given by the filmmaker Chris Rodrigues. After being in the course she worked on two shorts and assisted in one feature film in here home land, Brazil.  She came to America to improve her skills in film producing by taking a certificated program of courses in Film and TV at UCLA Extension, which has lead her to Internships in TV and Film productions such as Crush (2000) from USA Network and Jane Bond (2001), a short film from Trillion Entertainment.  She has worked on various independent projects such as 'Crazy Jane' (digital feature), in which she held the position of 2nd Assistant Director, and 'Sin in My Eyes' (also a digital feature), in which she held the position of 1st Assistant Director. In 2013, Katia fell in love with ASL (American Sign Language) and has been working with deaf actors and crew, producing some of the most inspiring films of her career. 

John C. Bell

Music Composer

Sound Design | Foley


Drawn to both the piano and the bass, John developed his own style of chord progression and sonic structure to create music that induces emotion. It was always John’s dream to compose for film and television.  The dream has been realized, and he has scored various projects for the screen, both big and small.  His current projects include the music for the reality show “Color Me Gorgeous”, the feature documentary “The Silent Killer”, and the infomercial-docudrama “Faces I Have Seen – A Memoir Of Murder”.  He composed the score for the feature film "Black Coffee", which was released in theaters January 10, 2014.  Most recently, he composed the score for the TV pilot "Atlanta Law". Utilizing state of the art instruments, computing tools, software, and virtual instruments and fx, there’s no sonic texture that can’t be tapped into in John’s home recording laboratory.  From hip-hop to R&B, smooth groove to soundtrack, ethereal to techno - no matter what style, John can create a sonic atmosphere to meet any project’s musical need.


You can check out his work at

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